WOW!!! HUAWEI Y6 Prime 2019 – A Fusion Of Technology and Aesthetics, Launches In Nigeria

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 23 2019

Leading smartphone brand, Huawei Technologies has unveiled another member to the rank of the company’s Y series of smartphones.Launched today, the HUAWEI Y6 Prime 2019 features the all-new 6.09” Dewdrop display, a unique leather design,…


Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

Last August, Elon Musk tweeted he had “funding secured” to take Tesla private. That turned out not to be true, and he eventually had to settle securities fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Musk…

The inside of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is marvelously messy

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t release until April 26th, but if you’ve been eagerly awaiting a glimpse under the hood, a pre-production version of the folding phone has already been disassembled and laid out piece…

The CIA says that China’s security agencies provided funds for Huawei: report

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

Earlier this year, the Central Intelligence Agency informed its counterparts in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK that Chinese technology company Huawei has received funding from the Central National Security Commission of the Communist…


Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

If you asked video game fans what an idealized, not-yet-possible piece of interactive entertainment might look like in 10 or even 20 years from now, they might describe something eerily similar to the software featured…


Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

The recent AI boom has had all sorts of weird and wonderful side effects as amateur tinkerers find ways to repurpose research from universities and tech companies. But one of the more unexpected applications has…

How Pinterest Uses AI to Capture Our Imaginations

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

THE TERM “ARTIFICIAL intelligence” conjures up images of both the distant future (humanoid robots, self-driving cars) and the hard work it will take to get there. But the technology is already pervasive, and in places,…

Facebook: Oops, Millions of Instagram Passwords Were Exposed

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

Facebook conveniently remembered to update everyone on that plaintext password snafu last month. You might recall that the company said at the time that tens of thousands of Instagram users had their…

Facebook: Oops, We Uploaded Millions of Peoples Email Contact Lists

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 20 2019

It's hard to remember the last time Facebook deserved the benefit of the doubt, if ever.

Programming Languages for Students

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 13 2019

You do not have to enroll for a Computer…

Top 10 Movies for Programmers

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 13 2019

In this article, I have collected the best…

Difference Between Coder and Programmer

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 13 2019

We all know that computer programmers or coders…

How to Choose Best Laptop for Programming in 2019?

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 13 2019

How to Choose Best Laptop for Programming?

GOOD NEWS!! WhatsApp Finally Lets You Prevent People From Adding You To Their Nonsense Groups(See How)

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 04 2019

WhatsApp Group can be the most annoying thing especially when you don’t know who added you to…

Facebook is losing two top executives after the company’s privacy pivot

Posted by E.L.E.X on March 15 2019

Facebook is losing two of its top executives, Chris Cox and Chris Daniels, who served as the company’s chief product officer and the head of WhatsApp, respectively. The departures come just a week after Facebook…

Kylie Beats Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg To Become The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever

Posted by E.L.E.X on March 05 2019

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner American reality TV family, Kylie Jenner, has become the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of just 21.She was on Tuesday admitted to the “nine-zero” fortune club by Forbes.…

CODEMINT: Final Year Project Research Topics And Materials Repository In Nigeria

Posted by E.L.E.X on March 04 2019

Graduating from a tertiary institution is one of the most exciting events in one’s life.However, before you are qualified to be called a graduate, you must fulfill the final part of your study requirements, which…

Top 10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 25 2019

Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up in these modern times, whether for career prospects or to stretch your brain and create something awesome. If you're just getting started…

Samsung Galaxy Folding phone features, screen, size, announcement

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 21 2019

Samsung’s foldable phone is the Galaxy Fold, available April 26th starting at $1,980Samsung first teased its foldable phone back in November, and at the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event yesterday, it further detailed its foldable…

Learn to Code: Choosing Your First Programming Language

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 21 2019

There's been a lot of chatter about the need for developers recently, including the strong job prospects and the utility of developers in almost every industry. But for those interested in getting started, knowing the…

19 Types of Developers Explained

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 21 2019

The software development landscape changes constantly. New areas of specialization, technologies, and methodologies pop into existence every few months, forged by the relentless innovation of the software industry. With it, terms to describe specialized types…

I Want to Learn Programming but I Don’t Know where to Start

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 20 2019

Personally, as a web developer, a lot of people keep asking me this question: Which programming language should I learn if I'm new?

Intro to Computer Science Terminology

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 20 2019

Computer Science A complex definition: Computer Science is the study of information technology, processes, and their interactions with the world. A simple definition: Computer Science is the study of using computers to solve problems. Computer…

For Nigeria’s Young Working Population, the Future Of Work Is All About Flexibility

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 20 2019

A Brave New World Of WorkOver the course of my five-year career, I have been unable to get my father to understand that in doing my work, I am not just “pressing laptop”. “Why did…

Cybersecurity Plays Catch-up as Tech Expands to New Sectors

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 20 2019

There’s an email in my Yahoo inbox from a man named John. John, who has addressed me as a “dear friend”, wants me to fill out an attached questionnaire because he is “working on a…

Yorlang is Proof Yoruba and Other Nigerian Languages Can Evolve with Technology

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 20 2019

A programming language isn’t something ordinarily considered capable of making a cultural statement. But Anuoluwapo Karounwi has done just that with Yorlang, a programming language designed to write small programs using Yoruba, a language native…

3 years of Computer Science in 8 minutes

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 15 2019

The video below is a brief overview of Computer Science

Fintech 2.0 Innovation Showcase: Making Payments Using Just your Mobile Number

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 15 2019

CIO, Softcom, Tomi Amao, says they wanted to create a financial solution that captured a much larger audience using a tool that is available to almost 100 million Nigerians – a mobile phone number. And…

Fisayo Fosudo’s YouTube Channel Makes Money, But Not From YouTube Alone

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 15 2019

In May 2016, Fisayo Fosudo did three things he had never done before. He took an Uber ride, filmed a conversation with the driver and published the video on YouTube. Inspired by that first video,…

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