Programming Languages for Students

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You do not have to enroll for a Computer Science degree to start doing some programming or coding. As a student, you can learn some programming languages that can help you achieve your dreams while still in school. Students can also make pocket money from coding. In this post, we will talk about the different programming languages that are fit for students.

There are various resources students can use to start their first steps in learning the programming languages of their choice. There is no need for spending more funds to learn coding and programming as a student. If children can learn to program, why not you? By making good use of the free programming courses and classes, you can begin your journey to becoming a sought-after programmer in the future.

However, if you feel that the free resources will not suffice your programming needs, you can go for a paid course. They are more extensive, and if you like, a one-on-one class will help you ask questions whenever you need. You may want to set apart time in the evening or on weekends to take advantage of the one-on-one classes. Regardless of the choice you make, you can learn any programming language you want.

Here are some of the programming languages that students can learn:

1. PHP

If I said that PHP is an easy language to learn, people would say it is wrong. And I cannot say it is the best. The aim of learning any given programming language is to meet your needs and solve the problems at hand. As a student, learning PHP will help you in various ways. But as long as you understand simple English, you can easily get along with coding in PHP.

PHP is a robust programming language developers use in creating web apps and websites. As a student, learning PHP will enable you to create WordPress plugins and make money out of it. Freelance web developers also earn good money completing big projects for companies. You can as well tap into the global economy and become a developer once you learn PHP.

2. Python

As a high school or college student, you may want to create a program to help you in completing your homework. Python is relatively simple and fast to learn. It is, however robust enough to run numerous computations and calculations to give you the desired results in the shortest time possible.

If you want to become a future developer, python can also help you learn to create industry-standard websites. Many modern websites rely on frameworks to deliver high-quality content and create solutions for the needs of their visitors. Some of these frameworks (Django, Flask, etc) are built on Python.

You need the skills in Python to create such websites for your personal projects or as a motivation for your future developments. You can also sell your Python skills by developing websites for people and get paid.

3. Java

Java is considered to be difficult by some people. But it all depends on your goals. As a student, you have already started making choices of what you want to achieve in the near future. Learning Java can set you on good ground for you to become an app developer once you are through with high school.

While in school, you can start by creating simple mobile games (Java is compatible with Android). As you advance your skills, you can start developing apps that provide solutions to people who need them. I can still do Java development and write my assignment without worrying about the time I spend learning the programming language. You can publish the apps on the Play Store and make cash from sales while still studying.

4. SQL

Arguably, SQL is not a programming language. But learning SQL is essential for students. The language is necessary for many goals a student may want to achieve. For instance, it makes searching for a string and storing data simpler and faster.

In university statistics, you may want to use SQL when dealing with various types of data. Instead of keeping spreadsheets, SQL will help you to securely backup your data, structure, and queries in a database for easier retrieval.

SQL is also the backbone of many web apps built on PHP. When developing PHP apps, you may want to run a sequence of events or retrieve information when running the app. SQL will be vital, and without SQL skills, you will find it hard to implement your PHP skills into meaningful projects.

How to Learn the Programming Languages for Students

Students can learn programming languages basics online. Many free tools are available to help you kickstart your learning while in school. Codeacademy is one of the freely available learning resources students can use to learn the languages they need to become programmers. With the pro package, you get the tools to help you reach your goals faster.


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