Never Worry About How To Prepare For Microsoft AZ-400 Exam: Follow These Tips And Use Practice Tests

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Every time the thought of the approaching exam date crosses the minds of most candidates, they start worrying. This is because they can’t possibly place their finger on how the test will turn out.

But if they were to study diligently using proper techniques, they wouldn’t need to be concerned at all. To help you complete this path easier, we created this post that covers the tips you can follow to properly prepare for the Microsoft AZ-400 exam.

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Main Exam Features to Know

AZ-400 test is for you if you have earned the Azure Developer Associate or the Azure Administrator Associate badge and now want to upgrade and acquire the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential..

Its curriculum involves creating a compliance and security plan, developing SRE and instrumentation strategies, managing source control, and implementing continuous integration, among the rest. Covering all these topics might be tedious, so read on to know how to make your learning path more interesting and effective.

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Tips to Prepare and Pass AZ-400 Exam

The marks you receive in this exam will determine if you’ll be issued with the mentioned certification. So, you need to study hard, and here are clues to use to get good marks:

  • Develop a plan for revision

Each topic of AZ-400 needs enough time for coverage. Therefore, a good schedule should include a list of the topics and subtopics as well as set periods for studying them. Also, remember to include time for breaks, eating, exercising, and resting in your timetable.

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  • Confirm study resources

It is known that the materials you choose for preparation have a huge impact on your productivity. Thus, be attentive at this phase and ensure you pick valid and reliable resources. Also, having a ready-made set, you won’t waste time searching for information on every new topic from scratch. For the most valuable options, visit the exam’s page on the Microsoft website as it has recommended courses, books, and more.

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  • Practice with sample tests

Training with questions from past exams gathered by previous candidates is another great tip to follow when preparing for AZ-400. These materials can help you understand what topics you’ve grasped and which areas need your further focus. Practice tests are also helpful as they show you how to better handle the given time. Moreover, these files often can be run in special software that mirrors a real testing environment.

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  • Alleviate your anxiety

Managing your stress is key to attaining a good preparation for AZ-400 exam. There are various methods you can adopt to help turn your tension into action. When you feel overwhelmed, you can do relaxation exercises such as taking a slow, deep breath,and meditation. Also, pay attention to motivators and learning discipline as these will also help you get back on the right track.

  • Seek for help

If during the preparation process you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for help from those who have a better grasp of what you’re learning. It can be an instructor if you attend a course, a peer from a study group or a thematical forum, or you can just watch some detailed videos led by experts in the field.

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The use of the right materials like practice tests and utilizing tested preparation tricks will help you master all the topics well and know more about the test on the whole.

Your desire for the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential should be intense enough to make you pass the exam.

Now when you have all the important information, we believe you’re going to find it simpler to prepare for your assessment.

We wish you success!


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