See What China Might Do If Nigeria Eventually Fails To Repay The Huge Debt – You Might Not Survive No. 3

Posted by E.L.E.X on May 19 2021 under News

You all think it’s none of your business hearing news up and down that the Federal Government is borrowing money from China

The time this will concern us, I pray it won’t be too late to realize, we can protest against this loaning of thing, or better still ask for what they are doing with the money and where the money is going to.

I was very curious about the Nigerian situation as I read another news today stating that Buhari has lent another trillion from China.

I was discussing with a colleague how we can repay this loan, cause I don’t think we can refund. Is too much!

I believe China won’t dash us this money, they will surely collect their money back directly or indirectly.

This made me think of what China might do to us if we eventually fail to refund all the debt.

Are you aware China has taken over Kenya Port for not paying its debt?

These are the six things I think China might want to do for us that will affect us individually. ????

1. Colonize Nigeria

Don’t be surprised if China demands to take over power in ruling Nigeria.

Who knows maybe that is their purpose of lending us money that might be impossible to return?

They will just overthrow our leaders and enslave us. But let be sincere here, we have been living like slaves all long under our own leaders, so what’s the difference? Bring it on!

2. Dismiss NIN and Insert Chip Into Your Body

China doesn’t really fancy this NIN of a thing, they believe the world has gone beyond that level, and technology is as easy as working freely with your data.

Imagine walking into a mall and the first thing you see on the screen after scanning in with your thumbprint is your full details and your last activities (like the last time you slept with your babe). ????????????

Though there might be soo many disadvantages but trust me there are advantages to this too, the rate of evil will drastically reduce.

I doubt if there will still be bandits, kidnappers, or robbers in the street cause there won’t hide place for them anymore.

You won’t be access to enter any public places if you don’t thumbprint, and if your way is not pure, you go cast immediately.

3. Readjust Your Diet

This is where dey wanna see craze, as in “e fe ri werey“.

In the means of promoting their culture, you will be forced to add their meal to your daily meal.

So, daily, you must eat Lizard, Rat or other Chinese related foods, by so doing that, it will help their product sales and enhance their agriculture.

Now imagine putting Lizard on top of Amala and Ewedu????????????????

4. Replace Your Middle Name With Any China Name Of Your Choice

Well, this is fun, and that apparently happens to be the easiest of all.

As a matter of fact, I can’t even wait to remove “Adetunji” from my name and start bearing “Xiongu”

Is this not nice enough? Afeez Xiongu Lawal

5. They Will Dissolve SARS, Nigerian Police, Military And Replace It With Their Own

I know most of you will be happy to see SARS included in the list of what might be dissolved by China.

Imagine EFCC harassing people anyhow, arresting young boys, seizing property without investigating first. It’s only in Nigeria you will see EFCC arresting without a warrant.

China police are well trained and doctored, they can’t just burst into your house without any reason or receiving information or genuine source.

No be Nigeria my country, they will stop you on the road because you are driving a good car, arrest you and do investigation later, then release you if you give them better raba and kn give you update your raba fat wella. ????????

6. Replacing English Langauge With Chinese

We can’t blame them for this because if you want to relate with someone you have to understand each other.

Therefore, there’s nothing bad in accepting their language just for love. I will kill all of you with the Chinese language, una go collect.

This is how I will be writing articles for you all once China starts its mission on us. ????



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