PLEASE HELP ME! I Think I Will kill my Fiance Soon(SEE WHAT HE DID)

Posted by E.L.E.X on March 06 2021 under Motivational

Please I need help before I kill someone, my fiancé just cancelled our wedding because his baby mama wants to come back.

We’ve dated for five years, and he told me he had a child, but there’s nothing between him and the mother any more.

I’ve been helping him to pay child support, I’m from a very wealthy family and very hard-working too.

I’ve helped set this guy up in a life that I’m sure even up to his third-generation can never suffer, this guy had nothing when I met him, but I never looked down on him and I built him and established him, I was also a virgin, he disvirgined me.

After setting him up, this guy proposed to me and the wedding is in four months time and this guy suddenly informed me his baby mama wants to come back, I had informed the whole world I’m getting married, my Facebook, Instagram, sent out invitation letter, please I want to die the shame and pain is too much.

The most painful part is that I recently found out it was all a setup, this guy dated me to dupe me, but why don’t you dupe me and leave me in peace, you went to the extent of proposing marriage and make me send out invitation letters, he’s the only man I’ve dated in my life! I confronted him to know why he decided to ruin my life like this and his response shocked me.

He said “what had he done that nobody has ever done before”, I couldn’t believe my ears, so this guy never loved me, even if he had lied to the devil that it’s the devils work I would’ve forgiven him, the boldness to tell me you hurt me intentionally!

No, he can’t go just like that! He’s in the house I bought with another woman! I can’t do anything because he’s name is on the documents!

Please help me before I kill someone because I’ve gone to the ghetto to get some hired killers and

I’ve paid them already, but I called them yesterday to hold on because I’m scared I’ve never killed anyone In my life, what If his ghost haunts me? If I’m in my room will his ghost appear to me?

But he can’t just go scot-free please what other thing can I do to this evil guy because he must also feel the same pain I’m feeling, this pain is everlasting, and it will be there until I die, he must also feel the same!

Please anyone who knows this guy should tell him to lie on the devil that it’s the devils work because I swear with my life he must pay!

I Am Just Confused.


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