Nigerian ladys attempt to shoot her shot ends in tears

Posted by E.L.E.X on September 24 2020 under Motivational

Shoot your shot, they say, but no one prepares you for how it feels when it doesn't end well.


A Twitter user who attempted shooting her shot at a male Twitter user ended up getting an unfavourable answer following her attempt.


She reacted to a photo of the man by saying she hopes the ring on his finger is not a wedding band. He responded, saying it's not.


The woman then took it further by shooting her shot but the man replied, asking her to keep it moving.


"Are you looking for someone to send you good morning and goodnight messages? Or should I keep scrolling?" the woman asked.


"Keep scrolling my dear!" the man responded.


The woman took it in her stride, writing: "Ok dear."


 Nigerian lady

 Nigerian lady


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