Man says Most Igbos Traders Are Scammers, Yorubas Have Better Business Skills Than Them (VIDEO)

Posted by E.L.E.X on April 21 2021 under News

Most Igbo men are into the business of selling goods but does that make them smarter than Yorubas when it comes to trade.

We’ve all at one time or the other buy something from an Igbo man and Yoruba man before and we should be able to analyze their personal selling skills

I recently stumbled upon a musical comedy performance explaining the difference between Yoruba men and Igbo men in business and I feel Igbos business sense is overrated.

Most of them sell fake products and they are not always honest to their customers just because they want to collect money. Is that what you people call good business skills?

Attitude Of Yorubas In Market vs Attitude Of Igbos

A typical Yoruba businessman is always honest about his products, pricing, and all. They always want to satisfy their customers in a way that they will come back next time.

Igbos just have sweet mouths, by the time you buy the product, you will discover that the product isn’t either worth the price you bought it or it doesn’t perform the way they explained it.

The habit of Igbo people always claiming they have a second shop when they don’t have a particular good in their shop is annoying.

Most of them don’t have a second shop but they will always deceive customers by dragging them to another person’s shop and pretend it’s their second shop so they can share from the real shop owner’s profit.

Unlike Igbos, Yoruba people are not that greedy in the market environment, they will rather describe to the customer the shop they can get the product they are looking for.

Below is a musical comedy video of Igbo People’s business skills being over-rated.

Click here to Watch 


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