MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! God Forbid, If Your Current Hustle Crashes, What’s Your Back Up Plan?

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 03 2020 under Motivational

Best strategy to apply as you go through life is to always prepare for the worst.

Many people go to sleep with fire on their roof tops, thinking life is a bed of roses, forgetting that there are ups and downs, black and white, light and darkness, sweet and bitter.

The white-men that invented pencil, created eraser in case the unexpected happens.

My Personal Life Experience

Personally, I have seen someone who has bastard money, owns exotic cars but some years later, he got duped and he couldn’t even afford N50 tfare to the next bus-stop.

There was this bank manager in my home-town, he has acquired wealth in the banking sector but he doesn’t have any other source of income apart from the bank salary.

After several years of working, he noticed the bank administrators from the top wanted to sack some high ranking staff like him.

In the space of 3 months, he raised money to start a large scale agriculture business.

It was when he finished setting up the agriculture business that the bank took back the decision to sack high-ranking officials.

The man was so relaxed to the point of selling out all he bought to start up the agric business. He said, he won’t have the chance to monitor the business.

A year after, he got sacked without notice or any sign, he didn’t see the sack coming and that’s how he regretted not being serious with the agric business.

Always Expect Challenges And Prepare

Challenges are part of life but how you prepare for it determines whether you will be ruined by it or not.

Why do you think the likes of Dangote owns a sugar, salt and preparing for oil business despite having cement business fully grounded?

All other businesses apart from cement are just back up, should incase shit happens, other businesses are there to back-up.

Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg pushed to buy Instagram and WhatsApp when Facebook is already raking in billions of dollars?

He is actually preparing for the dark days.

Our Advice

Who are you not to have a back-up plan when Mark Zuckerberg and Dangote have.

Whatever hustle you’re doing today, have a back-up plan.

Think about it the questions below ????

???? What will happen if you get sacked at your present workplace?

???? How will you survive if that business you’re doing now crumbles?

???? What will you do if a government policy or any devastating thing happens to your current hustle?

If you can’t find answers to these questions now, it means you don’t have a back-up plan and you need to get one.

Imagine what will befall Okada riders and Keke Napep riders in Lagos with no back-up plan.

They will have to suffer a lot just because they failed to prepare for days like this.

Our question for you right now is ????

If Your Current Hustle Crashes, What’s Your Back Up Plan?

Let’s see how many people really have a back-up plan

If you don’t have before think about it and tell us in comment section

Drop your comments


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