Hilarious Valentine: How I Sneaked Out At 12am, Scaled Fence To Kiss My Val

Posted by E.L.E.X on February 13 2020 under News

Mine happened ten years ago precisely, I was staying with my big bros, who never gave me chance to mingle with other young people.

Then there was this pretty damsel in my neighborhood that I love and she too loved me, and she was staying with her elder sister.

She was in a similar situation like me as she was like in a prison. We couldn’t just have time and opportunities to express our love for each other.

Though then I had a phone but she didn’t so communication was not even there. We would just see once in a long while.

Story cut short…

Boom, it was Valentine season that yr, I had managed to talk with her via her neighbour friend’s phone.

We agreed we were gonna see late in the night when everyone had gone to bed.

So by 12am I had to sneak out of our house, there building has an half fence, I climbed to the compound through the fence, bae was already outside waiting for me.

We just hugged, kissed sharp sharp, and I vamoosed.

And that was all.

Men, Each time I remember that incident, I will just laff hard cos that crazy act did not even worth it cos if I had been caught climbing a fence by such an odd hour, that may have turned to something else.

Thank God shall I was not caught!

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