Are You Looking For A Job? Here’s How To Identify A Good Recruiter From A Fake One

Posted by E.L.E.X on March 23 2021 under Motivational

It is not a new thing that during the years I must say we have had to deal with job seekers complaining about their ordeal with recruiters.

Some say they were conned into jobs that didn’t exist, others faced discrimination for being a certain type of way even when they were qualified for positions, and others cite recruiters as being rude in their phone calls and during the interviews, while others just sense a negative vibe.

The truth in the hiring process is that recruiters can either become the barriers to a successful job search or can become the saviour every job seeker is looking for.

It all depends on what kind of recruiters job seekers find themselves entangled with. Bad recruiters do exist and such recruiters usually end up with the wrong hire; a situation that costs the company losses and increases frustration among worthy job seekers.

So, how can you tell a bad recruiter from a good one? Below are a few distinguishing factors to look out for.

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1. Good recruiters will treat the job seeker like a customer

While the recruiting process entails filling positions, with some being of more urgency than others, good recruiters will always make the job seeker feel wanted and like a worthy customer.

They believe that job seekers are not just other candidates waiting to be picked in the market but are special in their own way.

A good recruiter will always want to know what makes the candidate unique.

Bad recruiters on the other hand will always be quick to fill the position and will have a predetermined notion of what their ideal candidate is. If you do not meet their notion at face value, then they don’t even take time to know you. Be wary of these recruiters.

2. Good recruiters take their time to do their homework

Some recruiters will only look at your CV and see that you are qualified for a position but will not take their time to do any more research on you.

This is partly the reason you find candidates not making it through the first interview, as it becomes harder to convince someone who knows nothing about you that you are the best. Even in a normal conversation, this would be tough.

Good recruiters do their research like job seekers do on the company. They have a glimpse of who you are as an IT professional or Communications and have a better entry into getting to know you in the interview.

3. Good recruiters will tell you when you are not the best candidate

Have you ever tried reaching out to a recruiter who tells you “just apply for the position, you never know”?

Well, if you have, always be wary of such people because they are not interested in helping you out. Good recruiters do more than just fill positions for their companies or clients; they tell you which jobs are your best fit and which ones you should not waste your time on.

They will also seek to understand your background before selling you on a job, so if they seem more interested in filling the position than hearing what you can do, something is amiss.

4. Good recruiters have seen the worst and the best

A good recruiter will always be well experienced in the area of recruitment that they concentrate more on what the job seeker has to say other than what the job is about.

They have experienced rude job seekers with a bad attitude and have also seen good ones who did not make the cut.

This experience makes them take time in listening to job seekers rather than focus on filling positions based on technical aspects.

They know that sometimes the good candidates do not appear so at face value and hence the need to dig deeper.

For recruiters, it is time to take that evaluation and determine if you are one of the good ones or just another bad one giving job seekers a hard time.

Hope this was helpful to you?


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