9 Sex Tips To Make The Cowgirl Position Even More Easy And Exciting (No. 7 Might Take You To Climax)

Posted by E.L.E.X on July 06 2020 under Motivational

Want to make the position a little more exciting but still comfortable? Here are some tips and tricks

Some women love it because it lets them take control, while others hate it because it can get really tiring. Some women might even be embarrassed about having their men watch them get on top.

Regardless, the cowgirl position is a hot favorite for some men, evident from a 2018 article by Redbook. The magazine surveyed several men to ask them what their favorite positions are and found that men tend to favor having their woman on top during sex.

But it’s not just about pleasing the men. If you’ve been thinking of working out, this is a great option because of how much effort you have to put on your legs to maintain that position. Double the win!

1. Add pillows underneath your knees

The thing about the cowgirl position is that it gets uncomfortable and tiring after a while. Not only do you have to bounce up and down, but you’ve also got to maintain the speed and actually enjoy the process. There’s just way too much to think about!

We get that it’s really tiring but to help you, we recommend adding two pillows under your knees to give you extra height so you don’t have to go all the way up and each bounce takes a little strain off your legs. You might also want to use sturdier pillows (perhaps use ones from your living room) so your knees don’t sink in, defeating the purpose of having pillows there in the first place. Using pillows could also prevent carpet burn!

2. Alternate between slow and fast

Sex isn’t really a race so don’t be in a rush to try to get your man off as quickly as possible. Instead of counting down the minutes before the next position, why not alternate between bouncing up and down quickly and grinding him against your clitoris by moving up hips in an upward position?

This gives your thighs a little break while maintaining the entire sensuality of the session. Plus, it feels really good and your partner has that view of you enjoying yourself.

3. Lean backward a little, use your hands for support and give him a show

The cowgirl position can get a little upgrade if you leaned backward and used your hands to support yourself while straddling him. As you’re going up and down, grind yourself against his penis slowly while moaning. He’ll love watching you slowly go up and down.

If you’re able to maintain that position without the need of your hands, use your hands to touch yourself all over or use your hands to guide his hands to parts of your body.

4. Blindfold him

For those of you who are too shy to have your man watch you while you’re grinding and riding him, use a blindfold to cover his eyes. He’ll love the suspense and you can make any sort of orgasm face you want! Or, if you don’t like the idea of a blindfold, lean forward and kiss your man while riding him. This also takes the pressure off your legs and lets your hips do all the work.

5. Do it on the couch or any flat surface

Instead of him lying on his back, have him sit up on the couch while you straddle him. This can be really good for ladies who don’t enjoy deep penetration.

What we love about this alternative is that it gives you an opportunity to literally be on top and tower just slightly over your man, he’ll also get the chance to hold you by your butt. Have him tilt his head backward against the couch and make out with him. It’ll totally drive him wild!

6. Let him penetrate you from below

For this, you’ll need to straddle your partner in a cowgirl position and let him do all the work. Or, if you’ve got the rhythm down pat, you could ride him and have him enter you at the same time. It might sound a little intense but if you’ve got the motion right, it could work and feel pleasurable.

7. Pleasure yourself

Just like point #3, this one requires you to put on a little show for your partner. As you move up and down while in the cowgirl position, rub your clitoris with your hand and pleasure yourself. Who knows, you might just get an orgasm more easily. Your man will absolutely love watching you feel yourself.

8. Don’t hesitate to use toys

The best part about being on top is that you’ve got control over how you want things to be done. That being said, don’t be afraid about bringing your toys to spice things up.

If you’ve got a vibrator, use it to pleasure yourself or if you’re both into a bit of dominating play, put handcuffs on your partner! It keeps things exciting in your relationship as well.

9. Switch it up and go in reverse

Trust us, reverse cowgirl will blow his mind. Essentially, instead of facing your man upon penetration, turn around and face the other way and put on a little show. Anchor yourself by holding on to your ankles as you go up and down, it’ll help you maintain the motion.

If your thighs are getting a little tired, take a break and grind yourself against him as you would during regular cowgirl. Either way, he’ll love the view of your butt bouncing up and down against him! Just be careful not to bend forward too much as you might hurt him.

The end!


Which Of These Tips Have You Tried While On Cowgirl Position?

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