5 Lies Yahoo Boys Tell Themselves To Justify The Illegal Act (No. 4 Is The Dumbest)

Posted by E.L.E.X on June 26 2020 under Motivational

It’s funny how Yahoo Boys lie to themselves just motivate themselves to continue doing the illegal.

The same lie they tell themselves till they eventually get arrested and jailed.

In most cases, they use all these lies to defend themselves whenever anyone tries to condemn what they do.

Below Are 5 Lies Yahoo Boys Tell Themselves To Justify The Illegal Practice

???? Na Oyinbo First Scam Our Fore Fathers

???? Yahoo Na Hustle And Nobody Holy Pass

???? I Am Poor & Yahoo Na The Only Way Out

???? As Long As I Do Giveaway Oluwa Cover Me

???? Naija Don Cast, Yahoo Is The Only Way To Survive

If you’re part of those people who use these words as excuse to be scamming people, remember that karma is a sexy bitch.

Guys, Oya add yours ????

What Other Lies Do You Think Yahoo Boys Tell Themselves?

Drop your comments


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